Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences & Early Trauma

This free on demand online training resource has been commissioned by the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner West Midlands and is funded through the Home Office Early Intervention Youth Fund.

Aimed at practitioners, professionals and volunteers who work with children, young people and their families, we highly recommend this training to help you understand how you can better support the increasing number of children and young people presenting with ACES and Early Trauma at HAPpy camps.

There is no specific date or time for this course - to complete this course at a time that suits you, click the link here.

By the end of the training you:

  • will be able to identify adverse experiences that can impact on a child's development and their response to stress.
  • will understand the importance of healthy brain development in a child’s early years and the impacts of toxic stress.
  • will understand that experiencing adversity in childhood can have a significant impact over a person’s life course resulting in ill health, poor wellbeing and in some cases premature death.
  • will be able to identify a range of social and community impacts resulting from ACEs.
  • will be able to give key examples of ‘Protective Factors’ that can help prevent ACEs and different strategies that can help build resilience.
  •  will understand what it means to look at adverse childhood experiences through a ‘trauma informed lens’.
  • will understand how building resilience can help mitigate the impact of ACEs.

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences & Early Trauma Course Dates




Live On demand Online training


50 minutes