Neurodiversity Awareness

This on demand online course offers crucial information for everyone on what neurodiversity is and the benefits it brings. It also explores the varied nature of neurodivergent minds, how to best support neurodivergent people, and how to create an inclusive environment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to define and describe neurodiversity
  • Understand the challenges faced by and the strengths associated with neurodivergent people
  • Have the tools you need to nurture inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and community

This course will end with a 20-question multiple choice test.

Certificate received upon completion.

There is no specific date or time for this course- to complete this course at a time that suits you, just click here.

Important info to note before you begin:

  • you will find this course under the title ‘'Neurodiversity Awareness"
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Neurodiversity Awareness Course Dates


FREE for all HAPpy camp staff in Hertfordshire.


Live On Demand Online Workshop


51 minutes