Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

This on-demand online course will help you to identify and tackle your own prejudgements/biases and understand the dangers of allowing yourself to make assumptions. This will support you to ensure that your HAPpy camps are welcoming and inclusive.

Roughly 99% of the information our brain processes happens unconsciously, which often causes unconscious biases to occur in and out of the workplace – a common example of unconscious bias is ‘Conformity Bias’, which is when we behave similarly to others in a group, even if it goes against what we actually believe!

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the most common types of unconscious bias and how the mind works to form these

  • Begin to train your mind to reduce bias and understand the dangers of allowing yourself to make assumptions

  • Understand the negative impact unconscious bias can have on organisation

This course will end with a 20 question multiple choice test.

IIRSM approved (certificate received upon completion).

There is no specific date or time for this course- to complete this course at a time that suits you, just click here.

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Unconscious Bias Course Dates


FREE for all HAPpy camp staff in Hertfordshire.


On-Demand Online Workshop


32 minutes