*NEW* Creative Thinking

This on demand online course is suitable for everyone. It helps users to understand what creative thinking is, why it is a crucial skill to have in the modern workplace, and offers actionable tips on how to improve creative thinking skills. Develop this skill to think outside the box on how you can creatively meet the HAPpy core criteria and on a more practical level how to think on your feet to adapt sessions and activities to suit all attendees.

Learning outcomes:

  • Know what it means to think creatively
  • Understand the importance of thinking creatively in the workplace
  • Gain some actionable tips on how to think more creatively

This course will end with a 20-question multiple choice test.

IOSH Approved & CPD accredited (Certificate received upon completion).

There is no specific date or time for this course - to complete this course at a time that suits you, just click here.

Important info to note before you begin:

  • you will find this course under the title ‘'Creative Thinking"
  • you will need to register using your email address to access your account
  • you will see 20 courses available on your home screen. You must only select the course/s that you wish to complete, the other courses listed are optional
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*NEW* Creative Thinking Course Dates


FREE for all HAPpy camp staff in Hertfordshire


On demand Online workshop


15 minutes